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We have a large network of skilled consultants to draw upon, to help meet the needs of your project team.  As individuals who have "grown up" in the world of Big 5 Consulting, we know the importance of finding dedicated people who can understand the needs of your organization, and can deliver the
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We are dedicated to finding consultants who can meet and exceed the high bar you have set for your own organization.  We try to find consultants we already have a relationship with, or know someone who has.  We find this helps weed out the resources that might not be successful.  We will work with you to understand your needs and present you with options and recommendations. 
We believe honesty and transparency are the keys to developing and maintaining our business relationships, and this is evident in everything we do.  We are straightforward about our consultants' skills and experience, and we are honest and direct in all our communications.
Below are a sampling of some of the companies to which our consultants have provided services.